About Mrs. Seitz

I have been teaching art since 2002 after graduating with a degree in Art Education from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   I teach all K-5 classes at Forest Grove Elementary and 6 classes at Bauer Elementary.  I love working with kids and watching them discover new creations! In addition to my fun days teaching, I also enjoy...

Making my own artwork: Throughout high school I mainly painted portraits.  In collage, a semester in Italy inspired me to paint landscapes. Finally, after college I decided I needed to put a little more of myself into my artwork.  I love the bright colors that I use with my elementary kids, printmaking and painting.  I also love to ride my bicycle.  Now I make art that is bicycle related, bright and playfully on the abstract side of fun.

The great outdoors: Bicycling is the way I get out the most.  I also like to hike and camp.  Lately, you might even catch me doing a little bit of running with the dog.  

After the 100 Grand Bike Tour, Grand Rapids, MI 
(100 miles in one day, at the beginning of the season, complete with hills, wind and rain).

Mountain biking the Hermosa Creek Trail , CO

A beautiful Sunday afternoon in Grand Rapids, MI with the bike group.

Riding the DALMAC with my brother and husband Lucas.
Lansing to Mackinac, MI in 4 days, 325 miles
(We started late from GR instead of Lansing because I had unavoidable teacher meetings which is why I was able to achieve... a personal best: 160 miles in 24 hours.  This is an AWESOME ride.  I can't say enough good things about the experience).

Hiking, camping and biking. Arches National Park, Moab, UT 

Daisy the Boxer
(After a good run, she brought her toys over for a nap).

House Projects:  We bought a fixer-upper!  I love hands on so this has been a great adventure.  Now, in addition to changing outlets and whatnot, I can tell you so much more about another world of painting: ceilings, trim, doors, walls and furniture.  


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