Wish List

It is great to be an art teacher in a district like Hudsonville that really supports its elementary art program!  The district supports us with a budget that enables us to do a variety of great art projects.  With budget cuts all over the State, it's no surprise that those cuts have recently affected our art supply budget.  Occasionally, there are extra items that you might be able to donate.

- Sets of 6 Colored Ziploc Containers (Large Rectangle Shape): These go on sale around the holidays.  Colors are great for color coding our supplies so that it is easy for the kids to find and put things away!

- Yarn
- CDs
- Buttons
- Leftover craft supplies
- Black Sharpies
- Disinfectant wipes
- Tissues 

If you have something of interest send me an email!  I don't have storage space for everything, but I know there is plenty of interesting stuff out there that you might be willing to donate!

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