Monday, October 29, 2012

Neutral Night

Kindergarteners have been learning about color families.   For this project we looked at the neutral color family and created our neutral nights using only the neutral colors, black, brown, white and grey.   At night it is difficult to see warm and cool colors because light is needed to see color.  A night scene is great for showing neutral colors!  We also noticed that these colors were not on our (simplified) color wheel.

Learning Goal: I can pick out the neutral colors.    Not only did we talk about color, we also talked about shapes.  We used cut paper to create our neutral nights. We first cut the corners off our white squares to create an octagon.  Then we trimmed more corners off until it became a large circular moon. This is the best way to get a large circle without tracing! To create our tree trunks we cut triangles!  Great job kindergarteners.

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