Sunday, December 2, 2012


This 1st grade turkey project was a ton of fun. Whenever we use Crayola Model Magic students always ask me, "where do you get this stuff?" I'm always happy to tell them that they can easy get it at their Meijer grocery store! (It's in with the kids' craft supplies). Model Magic is great fun for all ages to use.  It has a great marshmallow feel to it that isn't super sticky and cleans up well.  After the Model Magic dries it holds together well and becomes stiff.

This project was an experiment for me this year.  In past years I haven't been real happy with how the model magic has looked after it is painted. I have been tempted to order the pre-colored Model Magic but  I decided it would be difficult to estimate how much of which colors I would need for the next year's projects.  This year, I decided to try mixing tempera paint into the model magic.  After doing this project I have discovered that it really helps to premix the brown body color and then have the kids do their own mixing for the details so that they get to experience and understand the process!  It was a blast!

The main concept we talk about for this project is sculpture.  I always explain that sculpture is a 3D work of art.  It is meant to be looked at from more than one side.

Learning Goals: The learner will...
- create a sculpture
- learn how to use Model Magic

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