Thursday, January 24, 2013

Australian Lizards

This year our art department's cultural focus area is Australia. Third graders created Australian inspired art.  We looked at Aboriginal (Native Australian) art and discovered some key characteristics of Australian Art.  We learned about Aboriginal dot paintings and x-ray paintings.  Aboriginees use dots to create implied lines and pictures.  X-ray paintings are often found on cave walls. These paintings show both the outside and the inside of the the animal at the same time. We used printmaking techniques to print shapes onto our lizards using neon paint.  We finished our designs with dots using short dowel rods! 

Learning Goals: The learner will...
- describe key characteristics of Aboriginal art
- use x-ray painting concepts
- create a dot painting that emphasizes line
develop fine motor skills and techniques required for printing shapes

1 comment:

  1. Yeah Dear!! You did great lizard art work on Aboriginal Art paintings. It is the best way to learn and display Aboriginal art. Please share some more images!!