Saturday, February 9, 2013

Clay Birds

Fourth graders created birds using a slab of clay.  This project focused on clay vocabulary ( I can talk about my art) and techniques.  I discovered the inspiration for this project on Pinterest!  Students did a great job on this project!

- Sculpture: a 3D artwork
- Slab: a flat piece of clay
- Score: to create velcro like texture in order to attach clay securely
- Slip: to add water to the clay which helps act like glue
- Smooth: to wipe away clay seams, cracks and crumbs
- Carve: to draw in the clay when adding details and textures

Learning Goals: I can...
- Talk about my artwork
- Explain the process of creating my artwork
- Use good clay craftsmanship so that my artwork holds together well (score/ slip/ smooth)

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