Monday, April 22, 2013

Blue Dog

George Rodrigue’s Blue dog is always an exciting project for our third graders.  This year I showed our artists a huge variety of examples.  It is amazing to see all the variations of Blue dog that Rodrigue has created!  Students were asked to decide what kinds of clothes they wanted their blue dog wearing.  

Typically, I have students do two drawings one on the back and one drawing on the front of their paper.  This helps students to try out a couple ideas and choose the one they wanted to turn into the finished masterpiece.  Not only are they gaining more experience, correcting for past mistakes and trying out new ideas but, using this method, they are also given the opportunity to evaluate their own artwork. 

Learning Goals: I can...
  • Tell about Blue Dog (art history)
  • Create my own unique version of Blue Dog
  • Use complementary colors (dog color compliments background color for contrast)
  • Use good craftsmanship when drawing and painting

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