Monday, April 22, 2013

Directions and Organization

Here is a little peek into how our art room is organized.  I see one class for each grade level every day, six classes total.  On the board, project titles and learning goals are posted for each class.  Each grade level has its own assigned color.  (This color also matches their class folder which holds their table folders full of artwork). Learning goals are held together by binder rings so that we can flip back through and review learning goals for past projects. The project steps are listed below the goals.  Below the steps there are pictures of the materials that the next class will need.  During cleanup time, the green arrow gets moved so that it points to the supplies that the next class will need on the table.  As students clean up their tables they also set up their tables for the next class! 


  1. Hi Mrs.Seitz,
    Thank you for sharing. I'm very interested in Data Boards, however I have faced some challenges finding more information about it. Do you know about any literature or homepage where I could find more information about the Data Boards?
    Also I'm in doubt if Data Boards are the same as Data Wall, or do you know if they are two different tools?
    I hope you are able to help me with some clarification.
    Thank you in advance!
    Best Wishes,

    1. Unfortunately, I really don't have much more info for you. I certainly love doing it this way though!

  2. I REALLY love the way your learning goals and materials are displayed!!! Can you tell me more about the 'to be continued' and 'hot dog' images? I assume you use them to indicate which day of the lesson you're on, but would like to know more. Thanks!!!!!

    1. You know... I did stop using them... it was just too much but I was using them the way you guessed!