Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Eagle with Many Colors

Every year the Forest Grove 5th grade class creates a piece of collaborative art to leave behind at our school. This year the 5th grade class of 2013 created a piece in the style of artist Chuck Close.  Chuck Close is an artist that uses a grid technique to enlarge and paint portraits.  Using the same technique, 5th graders enlarged the Hudsonville eagle logo and added colorful circles around the eagle.  

Chuck Close is an inspirational artist who has overcome exceptional difficulties in his life.  He was born with a neurological disorder called face blindness.  This disorder makes it so that he does not recognize faces, not even the faces of family members.  He also struggled with dyslexia in school.  Later in life, after becoming an artist, he lost the use of his legs and much of the movement in his arms.  In spite of it all, Chuck Close has become a hugely successful artist whose style has been borrowed and adapted by many artists.  Here is a video link about Chuck Close if you want to learn more!

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