Friday, February 21, 2014

String Paintings

Kindergarten created these cool string paintings after looking at the art of Paul Klee.  Paul Klee was a painter who painted abstract paintings.  Students said his art reminded them of roads and maps!  We started with a long string. Each student practiced making shapes with the string and then moved on to make their own line designs. Some lines were looping, some spiraled and some connect back to themselves to create continuous lines.  

Next, students created glue lines next to their strings and gently pushed the string onto the glue while avoiding getting glue on their fingers!  Finally, we practiced painting with watercolor. We started with the lightest warm color and ended with the darkest to keep the water bowl from getting too dark too soon. We also were careful to wash our brushes before changing colors!

Learning Goal: I can...
- Create an abstract painting
- Wash my brush when switching colors

This lesson was inspired by this site!

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