Thursday, October 30, 2014

Van Gogh Leaves

Second graders learned to create leaf prints using these neat rubber leaf stamps!  This is the kind of cool art supply that is purchased with Square 1 Art  fundraiser money!  This project just isn't the same without these stamps!

We used warm colors to paint the leaves with tempera paint. Then the kids carefully turned the stamps over before gently lowering them onto their papers and pressing firmly.  After the paint dried, kids learned the math word "perimeter" and outlined the leaves around their perimeter.

Next we learned about Vincent Van Gogh and how great he was at showing movement in his artwork. We watched this video which helped us notice all the movement in his artwork.

We used broken curving oil pastel lines to create the illusion of movement in our artwork much like Van Gogh did in his famous painting "Starry Night."

Lastly, we layered light blue, dark blue and purple watercolor paint to fill in the sky!

Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell about Vincent Van Gogh
- Use broken spiral lines to create movement in my artwork
- Create a print using a stamp
- Blend warm colors
- Explain what the perimeter of a shape is
- Layer watercolor colors


  1. Great project, where did you find the leaf stamps at? Thanks!

    1. School Specialty (SAX)... I think I bought a couple packs so that there would be enough for each kid to have one and swap with other kids at their table. Sure beats going out to collect enough leaves for all my classes each year!