Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chihuly Clay Bowls

One of the 5th grade artists that we now study in Hudsonville Public Schools is Dale Chihuly a living American glass artist.  It is fun for all of us to look at his unique artwork!  Students learned about the different styles of art he creates such as: Chandeliers, Floats, Macchias, Seaforms and Baskets.  Here is the artist's website so that you can take a peak at his art! 

Classes even got to see a video of him creating art collaboratively with his team!  

The kids started by using a thick dowel rod to roll slabs of clay.  Then we traced the rim of some foam bowls to create smooth circles out of the clay.  We gently put these circular slabs into the back of the bowl and gently used it like a slump mold taking the shape of the bowl.  

Then we gently set the clay into the the bowl using the bowl like a press mold.  We added ripples around the edge of the clay bowls to make them like Chihuly's Macchias and Seaforms. 

After letting them dry we painted them with our best acrylic paint. 

We have another collaborative Chihuly surprise coming soon!!!

Here is a video hit from our very own Fredrick Meijer Gardens about what we are up to!

Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell about Chihuly
- Tell about clay
- Use a mold to create a clay form
- Paint carefully being aware not to mix combinations of all three primary colors together.

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