Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rainbow Gardens

Second graders focused on color during this project! We began by talking about rainbow order and how rainbow order can help us to remember which primary colors to use to make secondary colors! We watched this fun video before painting a rainbow sunset to use as the background for this project! We only used the 3 primary colors of liquid watercolors to create the background. Liquid watercolors are great for color mixing when you layer them!

Next we read "Planting a Rainbow" and added the flowers!

2nd Graders at Forest Grove won an extra clay project because their grade level had the highest percentage of students participating in the Square 1 Art fundraiser (at Bauer Mrs. DeGram's Kindergarten class won). At Forest Grove we talked about symmetry and created butterfly sculptures using Model Magic, pipe cleaners and beads!

Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell rainbow order
- Mix primary colors to create secondary colors
- Create smooth marks with thick paint (flowers)
- Use symmetry to design a butterfly
- Create a 3D sculpture (Forest Grove)

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