Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Welcome Back!

This year all of my art classes will be starting with an all school project! We will be reading the story "The Crayon Boxed that Talked," by Shane DeRolf. Each student will design and individualize their own crayon with a self-portrait and some personal favorites!

Next, we will work on a graphic design project designing our own merchandise! This is a fundraiser for the art room. To learn more you can visit www.square1art.com . Look for ordering info in November!

Wearing the right clothes to art can help reduce stains!  I highly recommend sending your kids to art in a dark short sleeved shirt that is not a favorite or brand new.  While we do wear paint shirts every time we paint, accidents still happen when there are 20-30 kids all painting at the same time!  (...and it's not always your own child's fault).  The kids all know that if they have a sweater or sweatshirt on over their t-shirt it's a good idea to take it off and leave it on the table by the door before class starts!  Please especially avoid wearing long sleeved white button down shirts on art day! 

If your child does come home with a stain encourage them to tell you right away so that you can use a Spray'n Wash product on it!!

Here is the schedule for art!

Day 1 Art Classes:         Day 2 Art Classes:         Day 3 Art Classes:
Lloyd                                Mills                                 Cramer
Chatfield                          Sparks                              Vandenburg
Rich                                 Mulder                              McManus
Farrell                              Boss                                 Laansma
Basinger                          Strelecki                           Morren
DeGram                          Veldhuizen                        Rivera
Boes (with Mrs. Jagger)                        

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