Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rotational Symmetry Weaving

Third graders love this project! This is one that I will certainly do for a number of years! This idea has been floating around the internet for years and I finally tried it last year! We talk about the difference between bilateral and rotational symmetry.

The first day and we paint our plates... 

Next comes the weaving...


Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell the difference between rotational and bilateral symmetry
- Use rotational symmetry
- Weave
- Tie overhand knots

Here is an art teacher tip...

Place yarn in ziplock bags with the tail sticking out and tell kids to treat the bag like a yo-yo... gently tugging at the tail (which is the only thing sticking out of the bag). Let the bag gently bob in the air as the string gradually comes out of the bag. I stapled the ziplock closed on either side of the string to keep it from falling back in the bag. Soon I will try out using the heavy duty ziplocks with a zipper... that might work better than staples which come out over time!

If you want to prep cutting a bunch of colors at once you can do this!

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