Friday, October 12, 2012


We read the story "Only One You."  The fish in the story taught us about the value of uniqueness.  This story served as inspiration for our drawing and painting project.

Learning Goal: I can use line to create shape.  After explaining that a line does not become a shape until it connects I tried to trick the kids!  As we began to draw the oval for the fish body I stopped while it still looked like the letter "c."  Then I asked, "Is this a shape?"  "No!" the kids exclaimed until the moment I connected it into an oval. I tried repeatedly to trick them while drawing fins and eyes but once they caught on there was no way they were going to let me get away with calling a line a shape! Great job kiddos!

We also practiced coloring in with good craftsmanship.  Ask your child about these phrases:
- Sides first (and then the middle)
- Lawnmower lines
- Goodbye Mr. Whitespace (and hello color!)

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