Thursday, February 12, 2015

Adobe Chalk Landscapes

Fourth graders created these colorful glue and chalk landscapes.  We learned about the Hopi Native Americans through a PowerPoint and by reading some of this awesome book: "If you lived with the Hopi." 

The current elementary curriculum in our schools seems to focus on Native Americans in the Michigan area so kids usually do not know about some of the other famous tribes!  This was a great chance to get a feel for how other tribes are different. Again, I can't say enough good things about this book!

Chalk is not a medium (material) that we use regularly so this was a project that involved new experiences for many students.  Before we started each day we reviewed my two art rules for good craftsmanship using chalk: 
1. Don't blow the chalk (we avoided a lot of coughing and mess). 
2. No chalk piles (I explain that these are created when students press too hard and that when they happen students should stop immediately and rub the pile into the paper.  This helps prevent colors from falling all over into unwanted places).

We blended using our fingers and erased out with kneadable erasers.  Kneadable erasers were a new thing for most of the kids. I got lots of questions about where these could be bought.  Hobby Lobby is a great place to get an interesting stocking stuffer like this if you are a parent of one of these kids! 

 We also talked about analogous colors (colors that are alongside each other on the color wheel, neighbors) and how well they blend together.

Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell about the Hopi and their Adobe houses
- Pencil lightly
- Draw with glue
- List the 2 chalk rules
- Use chalk to blend colors
- Explain analogous colors


  1. These look great! did you do a guided drawing with pencil first and then outline with glue?

    1. Yep... in fact, I had them erase their pencil lines after we drew it so that they wouldn't show through the glue but we could still see where to put the glue. We did this project on tagboard so that it was a little easier to carefully get it on the drying rack!

  2. These are beautiful!!! I noticed your photos of the artwork have a reflection. Did you laminate each project? I always have problems with the chalk coming off the paper and I have not found a good fixative to use so students can take their artwork home.

  3. Do you have the PPT you used? Would you be willing to share?