Thursday, February 26, 2015

Irregular Shape Monsters

Kindergarteners learned about more shapes... some of the most important art shapes... irregular (organic) shapes! We talked about the difference between regular and irregular shapes.  Regular shapes are mathematical shapes with specific names such as circles and squares.  These are mostly found in manmade objects. Irregular shapes on the other hand have sides that are far less predictable.  They are often found in nature (organic). Students find that they can't agree on a name for a particular irregular shape instead they are only able to try and describe it. 

First, students chose a neon color to paint their irregular shape body. We painted the sides first with plenty of paint on our brushes so that we could get smooth outlines.  Then we used lawnmower lines to carefully fill in the middle.

After letting the little monster bodies dry we practiced cutting regular shapes for eyes (circles and ovals from squares and rectangles). Though this challenge may seem easy for an adult, it helps students develop conceptual skills (understanding where a corner is and why it needs to go away), fine motor skills (brain to finger tip communication and control) and spacial skills (how much to cut off and where to place the scissors in order to achieve the goal, where to place the shape on the paper).  Art certainly helps develop connectedness in the brain!

We also learned to curl paper around a pencil and zig-zag fold paper for antennas!  These are tricky techniques that are great for developing fine motor skills (small movements with fingers)!  We might have a few brain surgeons here in the future!

Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell the difference between regular and irregular shapes
- Cut out circles and ovals from squares and rectangles by cutting the corners off (conceptual, fine motor and spacial skills)
- Fold paper to create a spiral or zig-zag pattern (conceptual, fine motor and spacial skills)

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