Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chalk Roosters

Fifth graders created roosters using chalk! Chalk is a medium that is often loved or disliked.  It has a messy side which lends itself well to blending but can also be intimidating. The kids did a great job with this rarely used medium!

We talked a lot about texture for this project.  We started by creating a smooth texture by rubbing and blending the chalk dust and added a rougher feathered texture on top of the smooth texture.

Students learned the art room's rules for using chalk:
- No blowing chalk
- No dust piles (these are caused by pushing too hard... if one did form the students learned to rub them in right away!)

Students also got to use a kneadable eraser to pick up fingerprints and smudges in the background! 

Learning Goals: I can...
- Use chalk to create different textures
- Use a kneadable eraser
- Explain the chalk rules

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