Thursday, April 2, 2015


Second graders created these fun castles! After learning a little about castles we focused on learning to make our castles look 3D.  We talked about forms (3D shapes) and we learned to draw cones, cylinders and cubes. We included these forms in our drawings.

After drawing the castles, we added value (shadows) to make our forms (3D shapes) look even more 3D. The kids learned to color lightly (grip the pencil loosely) with pencil horizontally (perpendicular with the sides of the castle tower).  After coloring lightly, they rubbed the shading vertically to blend and create shadows.

Next we practiced all kinds of characters that kids could include in their castles.  Students were encouraged to add them in wherever they wanted!

We colored the characters and small details with crayon and painted the rest!

Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell about castle building jobs: blacksmith, carpenter, mason, architect
- Explain what a form (3D shape is)
- Draw 3D shapes 
- Add value (shading) to forms to create the illusion of thickness
- Color carefully using good craftsmanship


  1. This is an awesome lesson and I love your blog!
    I noticed your clip chart with the word Artastic at the top in one of your photos. I would love to know how you use that in your classroom. Could you do a post on how it works?

    1. It's a behavior clip chart. I'm lucky because all the kids in the school know their "special number" so on my clip chart the clothespins are numbered instead of having names. Kids can clip up for good behavior and down for problem behaviors. There is also a red "class clip" that moves up or down during class and at the end of class corresponds with a chart that I fill boxes in on towards a "Bonus Day." (2 clips up = 2 boxes filled in etc.) I'm going to be revamping some of the details of this next year so I'll try to do a post about it next year.