Friday, January 22, 2016

Kindergarten Color Studies

Because color and groups of color are so important in art, we start kindergarten art with the color families. Older kids revisit these families often!

Rainbow Colors: We started this year with "Rainbow Turtles." This project helped us learn rainbow order which gives us the context for all of the following color families! (The warm colors are the first part of the rainbow the cool colors are the last one.  Once students know their primary colors they can figure out how to make the secondary colors because the secondaries are sandwiched in between the primaries!)

Warm Colors: The "Warm Sun" projects helps kids to visualize which colors are the warm colors. We also talk about that if we were able to "magically" go into the painting the temperature (created by the colors) looks like it would feel warm in the picture.

Cool Colors: The "Cool Landscape" project gives us the opportunity to link cool colors with the cool temperature of mountains, grass and water.

Neutral Colors: "Neutral Night Owls" focuses on the colors that are missing from the rainbow: Brown, grey, white and black!

Primary Colors: The "Primary Popsicles" project is the project were we start talking about what colors

Secondary Colors: "Mouse Paint" is a great story for color mixing! I use this story to focus on the the secondary colors!

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