Thursday, February 11, 2016

Surrealistic Creatures

Surrealism is so much fun! 5th grade kids created these fantastic 6 foot tall surrealistic creatures! Surrealists love to paint whatever comes into their minds and so do we!


These creatures were based on the surrealist game "Exquisite Corpse." In this game, one artist draws part of a body and passes it to another player who adds on to it without knowing what has been drawn. Students first practiced the game with neighbors at their table. Next, they were randomly assigned a body part to draw on big paper. Mrs. Seitz pre-marked the 18 x 24 tagboard with lines so that any head could fit with any torso etc.  After the body parts were drawn by the students they were placed randomly into groups of 4!


Once students found out which color groups they were in, they joined their drawings together and began to paint the background with their group color.

Next, the body colors were painted.

Finally, the black outlines were added!


The kids were asked to reflect on their artwork through a creative writing piece about their creature. The kids wrote a "missing creature" report to go with their creature in the hallway. The writing needed to give background information and describe the creature.

Missing Creature: Stittens   
Please help us find Stittens. We need a detective stat. She has fluffy ears, they are really soft and very nice. She is a fast thinker and has won 5 math competitions. She is smarter than any other person could ever be. She is also an actress who has won 81,021 golden globe awards and you can not miss her bright yellow light bulbs. Many directors have based all their movies on her life.
She lives in a cold icy cave up on top of a mountain, alone and that’s why her feet are blue. Many creatures in the world are not as rare as this one. This creature is one of the last of its kind and we want to increase them instead of letting them go extinct. This creature is very loud. This is one of the tallest creatures known as a giant but really nice, and you can’t miss it. The loudness comes from all of the electrical sparks from both of the lightbulbs colliding together. This creature is in love with bright blue skies! If you try to find this creature, the best place to look is in the bluest sky you can find.
Please help us find her?!?!? She is such an inspiration to many people! If we can’t find her we will lose a big hole in our heart’s! We will be searching!     

Learning Goals: I can...
- Tell about Salvador Dali
- Tell about Surrealism
- Explain how the game "Exquisite Corpse" works
- Collaborate with other artists to create a masterpiece
- Write a surrealistic story about our creature

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